Fruit And Vegetable Holiday Centerpieces

Turn a designer’s eye to the produce section at the grocery store and you might be surprised at all the possibilities. Shiny orange persimmons, apples in a range of rosy hues, grapes so purple they look black and right next to them grapes in sunny chartreuse. And that’s just the fruit. Vegetables are show-offs, too, from spiky sage artichokes to glossy eggplants and curvy swiss chard with their fuchsia and gold stalks. It’s a varied and rich palate that puts many floral arrangements to shame. Creative entertainers and floral designers have noticed and are putting produce to work on the celebration table in casual farm-inspired style as well as more elegant tableaus. Colorful, textural and you can eat it after the party’s over—when fruits and vegetables have a most welcome role in a post-Thanksgiving diet. Here’s some inspiration from Instagram.

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By Laurie Junker

Photos courtesy of Amanda Marie Studio and Lia Griffith


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