Forcing Spring (Bulbs)

(John Christenson)

Amaryllis, tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils are easy to force into flower in late winter and early spring. Keep them near freezing for three months, then set them in a cool, sunny location. Most will begin to flower in three to four weeks. Voilà! Spring.  // Brass pot, $49, terracotta pot and stand, $20, and hanging basket, $39, Tangletown Gardens  // Carlyle glass vase, $29.95, CB2; betta fish, $12.99; and aquatic plants, $4.99-$11.99, A World of Fish  // Jumbo moss ball, $28, Moss Boss Studio  // Miscellaneous glass vases, $10-$35 and brass shell-casing pot, $38, Pink Elephant Vintage & Antiques  //  Plants courtesy Tangletown Gardens

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