For interior décor, the color sage is all the rage

Murals Wallpaper

Remember ultra violet? The blue-based purple that Pantone Color Institute deemed 2018’s color of the year? After a flurry of media coverage, it seems to have settled quite low on our home décor radar. In its place are tranquil organics and whispery pastels: blush, terracotta, and sage.

Interior designers consistently tell us we should choose what we love for our homes, and we love sage. At least the Pinterest community does. The silvery green is 2018’s most popular shade in interior design, with Pinterest sage décor “saves” up 170 percent.

Hygge & West wallpaper by Wit and Delight, Topiary in sage


Farrow & Ball combines sage green Helleborus wallpaper with woodwork painted in Pitch Blue.

The earthy hue—Murals Wallpaper dubbed it “wabi-sabi sage”—is a neutral more invigorating than the ubiquitous grays we’ve seen for several years. Yet it also makes a natural backdrop for minimalist decor and wonderfully complements greenery, whether an indoor garden or a lush tropical print wallcovering. Color of the year, indeed.


I love making a house a home and without plants it wouldn’t be possible

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