Fashion Trends in Interior Design

Bridget Chirigos, principal and lead designer of Chirigos Designs, explores the impacts of fashion on interior design trends

Photos courtesy of Chirigos Designs  

Trends in fashion come down the runway fast, and each year, we see the trends that fall short being replaced by others. For fashion trends to gain longevity, they must be adopted by the mainstream. After this occurs, we see them influencing interiors on varying scales. Some of these trends last a few seasons and are easily included in accessories for the home, while others make their way into the larger commodities, such as furniture. Below are five timeless trends we are seeing in interiors—all of which have substantial staying power so clients can ensure their designs stay current for years to come.

Mixing of Eras

In the world of fashion, thrifting and shopping vintage are at the forefront of trends. But in the world of interior design, baby boomers are inheriting their parents’ furniture, 30-somethings are reaching back to their nostalgic childhoods, and many people are finding an appreciation for well-made, locally produced home goods. No matter the reason, incorporating vintage and antiques in a modern way is here to stay.

Soft Blue

In a spring collection by Givenchy, soft pastel blues were adopted into numerous clothing items and styles. Blue has always been easily adapted into homes. It’s an easy color to live with and a favorite among many. Easily paired with any neutral, it looks especially great with warmer tans and browns.


While floral patterns have been consistent in fashion trends over the past few years, people are using them in interior design to give spaces personality and pops of color. When used on upholstery, wallpaper, and draperies, these patterns offer an ’80s feel while remaining current with today’s trends.

Warm Tones

Neutrals will always be trendy in fashion—but in contrast to the whites and cooler shades of the past, warmer tones are taking center stage. Transitioning from the white and gray interiors seen in many modern design styles, designers and homeowners are embracing the warmth of natural woods, creams, tans, and browns.


People are finally beginning to experiment with color in their lives—whether it’s with a funky new sweater or some bright pink dining chairs. It’s a happy day when our clients embrace a myriad of colors in their designs. We are seeing more often that people are opening their minds to bring in complimentary colors and jewel tones.

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