Experience the Tile Shop’s Renovation in Plymouth

The Tile Shop in Plymouth opens its doors for a design panel and event after months of renovation.

You’ve seen the trends: the resurgence of herringbone, the widespread manufacturing of glass mosaics, and we probably even have enough subway tile to span around the world multiple times (though you shouldn’t quote me on that). Tile has become one of the easiest ways to personalize your home, with options multiplying daily.

To make the shopping experience less overwhelming and have physical examples of timeless pieces and trends, the Tile Shop in Plymouth has renovated its expansive showroom. Plus, it wants to welcome you to an open house and industry panel (but more on that later).

There’s so much to be excited about, so I asked the Plymouth Tile Shop’s director of interior design Kirsty Froelich a few questions:

How long did renovations take?

It took about 3 months. We built a temporary wall dividing the store in half, so we could renovate one side and then the other, staying open on one side the entire time.

What trends or patterns can we expect to see in the showroom?

Multi-fired tiles with assorted patterned faces that allow you to mix and match to create your own design. The firing process means the designs are also raised and have dimension. There are designer tile collections from Annie Selke, Ted Baker, Laura Ashley and Victoria and Albert.
Beautiful custom mosaics: our waterjet mosaics were designed in house and coordinate with many of our stones. [We have] new stone collections, many of which feature a honed surface, giving them a softer look.
Geometric tiles and designs, sculptural tiles, and large-format tiles (meaning at least one side is over 16”). We show a lot of layering with various materials (like natural stone, stainless steel, resin, etc.) so customers can see different ways of using finishing pieces in their designs.

How is renovating a showroom different than renovating a house?

It’s like doing ten homes at once. We have over 40 vignettes that represent multiple kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces and laundry rooms. Instead of one style, we are displaying a lot of different looks that appeal to a variety of customers.

What are some of your favorite tiles this season?

Our Casablanca mosaic, the new Annie Selke collection (especially the Tulip mosaic which is a custom-made design), contemporary large-format tiles that are porcelain but look like natural stone, and the new honed marbles because they are so soft and pretty.

What benefits does the new showroom provide?

It feels much bigger, lighter, and brighter. We’ve created an atmosphere perfect for looking at beautiful products in the right lighting. There are a lot more design tables to lay out projects and take time to plan.
The Annie Selke store-within-a-store locates all of the tiles from the new collection are in one place. Our installation tool area is also set off on its own with everything you need in one place. We added a large space for events, including a large kitchen with a 7’ island for entertaining and catering.

What will the open house be like?

The event will lead off with a panel featuring Bria Hammel of Bria Hammel Interiors, Kate Arends of Wit & Delight and Katie Kath of Jkath Design Build + Reinvent. They’ll be speaking about how to leverage social media to grow a business in the design industry and taking questions. Afterwards, attendees are invited to mingle during the open house, enjoy beverages and hors d’oeuvres and explore the exciting new additions to the showroom.

The Tile Shop Plymouth Open House

May 8 with industry panel at 4:30 p.m. and open house starting at 5:30 p.m. @ The Tile Shop, 14000 Carlson Pkwy., Plymouth, eventbrite.com.

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