Easy Care Indoor Plants

As warmer temperatures melt snow into puddles and the underlying greenery is exposed, spring inches closer every day. While spring doesn’t arrive overnight, many bring the greenery indoors to get in the mood for the upcoming season.

However, the popularity of indoor plants is more than a spring trend. Some choose to decorate with greenery year round to ground themselves in nature, improve the air quality in their homes, or simply for the natural aesthetic it brings to their space. Certainly Justina Blakeney, author of the New York Times bestselling book The New Bohemian, endorses plants in homes. In fact, she could also be credited as a large part of the movement. On her website, she writes “I believe in the healing power of plants, good light, and fresh air.” If you agree, here are some easy-care plants to get you started adding plants in your home.

Fiddleleaf Fig Tree

The Fiddleleaf Fig Trees are known as the go-to for their Instagrammable good looks. But they can be a bit touchy. They do best with lots of indirect and some direct sunlight. Water when the soil is dry to the touch. The Fiddleleaf Fig does not get bushy, so it’s a perfect addition to an indoor space.

Air Plants

The most unique on this list is the air plant, otherwise known as tillandsia. These simply need water and light to survive —not even dirt, as they pull nutrients from the air to survive. Popular options for “planting” these are glass terrariums, pots, or even hanging glass orbs. Soak them once a week for 10-20 minutes, and simply mist in between (or keep them in the bathroom/kitchen to provide them with steam on a regular basis).


Succulents are known to be easy care. The most common mistake is overwatering—so you don’t have to worry about remembering to water these. Their dozens of varieties can create many different looks in your home. Some examples of popular succulent choices are aloe, echeveria, agave, houseleek, snake plant, and jade plant. Plant them in a pot or other unique object—just be sure the container has drainage.


Compared to succulents, cacti need a more direct source of light to thrive. In addition, as they usually prefer warmer climates, if they are in air conditioning water them more. Common types of cacti for homes include the sea urchin cactus that stays small. Water them once a month.










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