DIY Digs: Raw 2 Rustic

Stacy Upton, the owner of this local DIY studio, offers stencils, stains, and sensational instruction.

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Stacy Upton, the owner of Raw 2 Rustic in Isanti, opened up shop in 2016 to offer instructor-led, wooden sign home decor classes. Whether it’s a corporate event or private party, she has all the stencils, stains, paint, and designs you need to create a rustic, contemporary work of art that will prove to be a flawless fit in your home. Check out what Stacy has to say about Raw 2 Rustic and the wonderful world of DIY.

What’s one piece of advice you have for a beginner DIYer?

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes—you will make them and you will learn from them.”

Photo by Captured by Kasey

What makes your DIY studio stand out from the rest?

“The ability to customize and design a sign to fit your needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ with this. There are standard sizes and designs that a majority of the people will choose when they come to a class. There is also the option for us to connect before the class is scheduled to make a custom sign to complete your space. I also hold classes at offsite locations—there are a few local places I will go to once a month and I go to people’s homes and businesses as well.”

What’s one thing you’d tell someone who is afraid to jump into a DIY project?

“Ask questions. Try to gather as much information as you can before you start. Find out what has/hasn’t worked, what people have enjoyed doing on their own, what projects should be left to a professional, what mistakes they made, and what they would do differently if they did it again.”

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Which fall DIY project/trend are you most looking forward to?

“I’m looking forward to offering a larger selection of class dates for guests to choose from. I take it pretty easy in the summer; being in Minnesota, I know summers are very short-lived and we need to soak in as much of it as possible, so I only offer a couple classes each month during the summer. Once school is back in session, I start to offer a couple classes each week.”

What’s the most rewarding aspect of DIY?

“Being able to talk to people about your project when asked about it; knowing from start to finish how it was completed. The ability to say you made it yourself is way more fulfilling than saying you bought it at a big box store.”

Photo by Captured By Kasey

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Studio name: Raw 2 Rustic

What they offer: Wood sign painting classes

Year opened: October 2016

Studio address: 401 E. Dual Blvd., Suite 102, Isanti

Owner: Stacy Upton

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