Designing a Gallery Wall? There’s an App for that

Everyone has a favorite method for designing a gallery wall—most involving cutting out shapes to simulate artwork and moving them around until you find an arrangement you like. Or, if you happen to have enormous sheets of paper around, you can lay them on the floor, trace your pieces, and then recruit help to hang them so you can stand back and evaluate. Worky, but better than trial and error (and lots of holes in your walls).

Augmented reality to the rescue.’s new app, ArtView allows you to see artwork on your walls before you even buy it. You can (virtually) test drive any of the pieces available in the largest online catalogue of art and wall decor for purchase.

Download the (free) app from the Apple Store. You’ll see preset arrangements of two to five artworks. You can choose frame styles—contemporary, midcentury modern, and rustic—and artwork you like from (literally) millions of options. The app uses your camera and augmented reality to place the art and frames “on your wall.”

You can move the art around or move yourself around to view your wall in the room from any angle you choose. If you like what you see, buy it, or start over with a new arrangement.


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