Custom Space-Saving Solutions for Savvy Homeowners

Whether it’s out-of-season decor, cleaning supplies, serving dishes, or extra bedsheets, keeping all of your possessions organized within your home can sometimes be difficult. No matter how big or small your space, it can easily become cluttered—and storage bins are not always the best or most aesthetically pleasing solution.

In situations like these, custom space-saving solutions can be the perfect fit. Designers can help you discover opportunities for them, such as charging stations within drawers or tucking your ironing board up into a cupboard when it’s not in use. Installing custom solutions does not always have to be difficult, depending on the location. Pick the most valuable solutions to save some money; installing just a few will make all the difference. 

Examples of useful custom space-saving solutions include:

Cabinets with Roll-Out Drawers

Store your kitchen serving trays, plates, bowls and more in organized roll-out drawers instead of stacking them in the depths of your cabinetry. Say goodbye to fiddling for the right dish at dinnertime.

Custom K-Cup Drawer

Instead of keeping your K-Cups in a cluttered tub and having to dig around for your desired brew, install a drawer with custom inserts to hold them individually, or simply separate rows/columns of K-cups with inserts. 

Trash and Recycle Pull-Outs


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If nothing else, install this essential trash and recycle pull-out drawer. Keep your trash hidden away from guests and keep your kitchen looking as clutter-free as possible all the time.

Charging Stations

Keep cords out of the way by installing charging stations in drawers instead of above countertops. Especially helpful in the kitchen or bathroom, keep your phone out of the mess of the kitchen or off of the wet bathroom countertop while still preparing it for your day.

Toe-Kick Drawers

Who knew the space under your cabinetry could provide even more utility? Install toe-kick drawers for cookie sheets and baking pans, or turn it into a stool to help access those hard-to-reach cabinets above.

Spice Drawer

Never dig for nutmeg again with a spice drawer that keeps the names of all of your spices visible.

Pet Solutions

Tuck away pet food when guests visit, or your cat’s litterbox when you have small children over to keep them from creating a mess.

Cabinets Under the Stairs

Transformation Tuesday (before+after): What once was considered a wasted use of space, Woodwork Solutions created a complete organizational and functional storage space. Providing a spot for all you’ve got – from games to shoes, coats, umbrellas, rain boots, brooms, vacuums and more! With layers of custom cabinetry solutions to choose from, always #thinkwoodworksolutions – we’ve got the best team of craftsman in town! #orangecounty . Amazing work team! @da_kaptain @casey.berg.14 @kornalis . #woodworking #contractor #customcabinetry #customcabinets #stairsolutions #staircabinet #smartdesign #creativesolutions #storage #organization #drawers #cabinets #beforeandafter #transformationtuesday #designsolutions

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Avoid wasting space in an awkward closet under the stairs, where squeezing into corners is the only way to store your belongings. Install pull-out drawers in your cupboards to maximize space.

Stair Drawers

Even the stairs beneath you can hold things like blankets, games, shoes, and more.

Additional Cupboard Solutions

Countless other solutions are available especially for cabinetry, whether it’s in your kitchen or bath. Above your oven, store muffin tins, cookie sheets, cutting boards and other flat cookware without stacking them too excessively.

Visit places like Crystal Kitchen + Bath for help from designers to help you discover opportunities for space saving in your home that you didn’t even know you had, as designers can anticipate your needs before you might. Custom space-saving solutions can be affordable and easy to install, depending on your home. Don’t limit yourself: Let a professional guide your design process to maximize all of your space. 

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