Coloro + WGSN 2023 Colour of the Year: Digital Lavender

Serenity, balance, and healing infuse the color, say Twin Cities interior designers

Photo courtesy Adobe Stock/NelliPolk

Coloro is lightening up. In anticipation of the new year, color pundits say “Digital Lavender,” a light tone, is Coloro’s 2023 Colour of the Year.

“Digital lavender is calm and optimistic, and is often associated with peace and serenity,” says Lisa Peck, CEO and principal of LiLu Interiors. “It is also a color that stimulates creativity and thought.” Sheree Vincent, owner and principal of Fusion Designed, adds, “The power of color is unescapable. It affects our moods, thoughts, and behaviors. Each color has a particular meaning associated with it. Some of the meanings behind lavender come from the flowering herb it is named after—descriptors like sweet and delicate come to mind.”

Photo courtesy Adobe Stock/Aleksandra Konoplya

According to color forecasters, digital lavender bridges the natural and digital worlds, bringing balance to a world in chaos. Peck agrees, adding that, “as a color, digital lavender is balanced, making it a great choice for the color of the year in a world that yearns for balance instead of polarity.”

Photo by Chad Holder

Because lavender is associated with relaxing and healing, “it’s the perfect color for a meditation space or bedroom wall,” Vincent advises. “Lavender is also uplifting, optimistic, and youthful, so a children’s bedroom would benefit from having this color introduced via linens and accessories.” Peck recommends, “Digital lavender would be fabulous to use in either an office where you want to be both creative, calm and productive, or in a bedroom as a wall color.”

Not so sure about a whole wall? Accessorize. “Incorporate it in smaller amounts via lamps, pillows, or art objects in a living room or family room,” Peck suggests. “Those are great ways to get in on the color without fully embracing it.”

According to WGSN, a leading consumer trend forecaster, digital lavender is “a gender-inclusive colour that is already established in the youth market, and we expect it will broaden into all fashion product categories by 2023. Its sensorial quality makes it ideal for self-care rituals, healing practices and wellness products, and this purple will also be key for consumer electronics, digitised wellness, mood-boosting lighting and homewares.”

Vincent adds, “When reflecting on the stress we have experienced these past few years with COVID-19, and working and schooling from home, you can understand why lavender is a great choice for the Coloro Colour of the Year, because of the psychological and physiological responses we experience around it.”

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