Butler’s Pantries with Chirigos Designs

Bridget Chirigos of Chirigos Designs shares her tips and tricks for designing and implementing butler’s pantries

Photos by Chelsie Lopez

In recent years, butler’s pantries have transitioned from a maybe to a must-have, and no one knows it to be more true than Bridget Chirigos of Chirigos Designs and Mark Williams of Mark D. Williams Custom Homes. The pair’s latest collaboration, a custom home built for a family of five in Deephaven, just happens to house this award-winning butler’s pantry—one teeming with gorgeous green hues and plenty of ideas to steal. Here, Chirigos shares insight and inspiration, plus tips and tricks, for designing your own rendition of this dreamy kitchen essential.

MH: More and more homeowners seem to be investing in top-of-the-line butler’s pantries. Why do you think this is?

BC: Many things influence designing beautiful butler’s pantries, but the main driver [in this specific project] was for the kids to have their snack and drink station separate from the main kitchen and to have a place for all the mess when entertaining. With young kids, we discussed the future of this family’s gatherings—from birthday and graduation parties to receptions and holidays.

What should a homeowner consider if they want to elevate their own butler’s pantry?

Any specialty space like a pantry or laundry room is where you can color outside of the lines a bit. Even if you have a simpler walk-in pantry, you can add a countertop with lower drawers, a light fixture, and decorative shelf hardware—anything that brings you joy while doing daily tasks. I think we’re looking at our homes differently today and embracing who we are and what we love. Our home is a place of refuge and nourishment and where we spend most of our time. Make every little space functional for your tasks, then sprinkle [them] with the design elements that bring you joy.

Tell us about the color selections.

It was always my intention not to have everything blue, gray, and white because that didn’t speak to this client or the family. We dabbled in various tones of colors that weren’t shocking to the rest of the home and knew green was going to make this space grounded. It is the perfect green to not overpower the space or its next-door color cousins. It’s paired with Zellige tile in variations of neutrals and blush, and is repeated somewhat [in] the dark-blush velvet chairs in the dining room. I’m not sure how we do it—but when we find it, we know it’s just right.

Any tips and tricks for styling shelves?

Oh, yes and yes! Even in a pantry, you can place art, your grandmother’s dishes, or a potted ivy right next to your serveware. I bought a vintage hutch last year for my dining room, and it’s adorned with new and old art and glassware … things I love to see every day. I change it up with the season or on a whim.

Tell us about the backsplash tile you used.

We opted for square in this space to stop your eye from going side to side [like it would] with a subway pattern. With the scale of the large built-in cabinetry, it is the perfect smaller-scale partner.

Any advice to homeowners?

Find that creative partner who will see your vision, [then] trust them and let go. It will be a great adventure that will last a long time.

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