Bring a Little Seaside Into Your Home with Cambria’s New Designs

These four quartz designs are inspired by all things water

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Cambria, a renowned Minnesota-based manufacturer of quartz countertops, recently launched four new designs that are the epitome of innovative. All inspired by seascapes, this release includes distinct qualities that are only found with Cambria. Summer Kath, the executive vice president of design with the company, describes the launch as “a completely new look,” adding it has “never been done before.”


The first design created, which eventually became the “leader” of the theme, was Southport. “[Southport] opened up a whole new area for us to innovate,” Kath says. This quartz has a bold design of gray veins flowing through a soft base. It embodies the waves of an ocean, and you can practically envision the deep gray moving rhythmically.

Southport spurred the idea of shoreline inspiration, and what followed are the more subtle designs Ainsley, Beckington, and Clifton. “Clifton has this beautiful sage [that represents] a bit of sea foam,” Kath says. “It [also] has a bit of glimmer and sparkle inspired by the sun hitting the ocean.” Beckington has the juxtaposition of sand against the ocean, with its warm tans and cool grays. Ainsley has the delicate veining of the other designs but offers a new take to it. A mixture of tight and open patterns calls up an image of water. Cambria has received many requests for subtle designs, and those have been fulfilled with this season’s launch.

The names pay homage to Cambria’s United Kingdom heritage. Named after places in Wales and inspired by the essence of the country’s upcoming season, the theme has a beautiful appeal: “Our number one priority is for [the designs] to be drop dead gorgeous,” says Kath.

This isn’t the first time Cambria has focused on the environment. Behind the scenes, the company has been highly conscious of its processes and how it can reduce its carbon footprint. There is no shipping overseas, and the manufacturing system is located in, Le Sueur, Minnesota.

“We have a state-of-the-art facility that is constantly recycling [100 percent of] the water,” Kath says. Not only that, but the large pond in front of the facility collects rainwater to irrigate the grass onsite. The air in the manufacturing space is being constantly recycled so workers are breathing clean, healthy air. “We are constantly looking for ways to be more sustainable.”

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