A Black-and-White Bathroom Beauty in Rochester

Blending 2020 design trends with 1900s historic charm, this bathroom remodel’s timeless aesthetic spans centuries.

At the dawn of a new decade, hexagon tiles are all the rage, classic black-and-white color schemes are gaining momentum, wallcoverings are everywhere, and floral patterns seem to be more “in” by the moment. It takes an experienced designer to incorporate one or two of these hot trends into a project at the peak of their popularity, but all of them? An exceptional one. In this case, Kailee Klevan of Rochester-based Beyond Kitchens is that designer, and she skillfully integrated all of the above into this 1907 bathroom remodel. Here, Klevan shares trends and insider intel on creating a timeless-yet-trendy space.

An all-black Plato Woodwork vanity  and simple black-and-white floor tile pattern complement Anthropologie’s “Smokey Rose” floral wallcovering.

Classic Color

From the start, Klevan’s client envisioned a simple-yet-striking color scheme for this new-and-improved bathroom. The solution: black, white, and lots of both. In this project, Klevan used the large black vanity as a high point of contrast—a perfect juxtaposition to the white wainscoting working its way up the walls. Meanwhile, the black-and-gray floral wallcovering adds a sense of charm and opportunity: “[Black and white]  just gives more of a blank slate to start with,” Klevan explains. “Then, you can bring in color with artwork, towels, floral arrangements, or greenery.”

Fabulously Bold Floral

Klevan says she’s always on board for a beautiful floral wallcovering—especially when it’s used as it was here. In this space, it’s a strong statement piece, yet still complements and stays true to the bathroom’s simplicity and timelessness. Plus, floral adds a feminine touch to a space, Klevan explains, but not so much that men will walk in and think it’s too girly. “I think it’s the softness that appeals to people, the organicness of it,” she adds. “Plus, it’s just really pretty and not too overbearing.”

A Fresh Take on Tile

Why tile is trending in 2020 is plain and simple: It’s versatile. Large hexagon tiles are often used in more contemporary designs, Klevan says, while “smaller, one-inch hexes are particularly classic and tie in best with older styles of homes”—a perfect fit for this bathroom’s early 20th-century bones. By combining these small hexes with the client’s request for a simple, consistent design that complemented the floral wallcovering, a period-appropriate hex pattern blossomed to life.

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