Best Friends from Minneapolis Launch a Removable Wallpaper Line Inspired By Curaçao Vacation

Print and pattern studio, She She, teams up with leading removable wallpaper company, Tempaper, in its latest collection

Photos provided by She She

Jenny Hornig (left) and Kate Worum (right)

When Kate Worum and Jenny Hornig met, they became instant best friends. They were introduced by two people who thought they would complement each other’s style, creativity, and drive—and they turned out to be right. The pair quickly developed a friendship and started finding places for one another in their work, which transformed into a business partnership. While Worum specialized in illustration and Hornig in architecture and interior design, they were able to merge both passions to launch She She, a Minneapolis-based multidisciplinary print and pattern studio specializing in wallpaper, fabric, and home furnishings.

In their latest endeavor, She She teamed up with Tempaper, a leading removable wallpaper brand, to release a collection of peel-and-stick prints inspired by their travels to the beautiful island of Curaçao. The patterns embody the energy and character of the wild from the charming Dutch Caribbean destination.

The She She x Tempaper Collection comprises four stunning prints—Queen Emma, Flamingos Salinas, Flamboyan, and Maria en Patricia. Each design captures unique characteristics from their whimsical experience. The colors in the patterns reflect those of the crystal blue water and calming sunbaked tones of the countryside of Curaçao.

Their first stop after checking into their gorgeous hotel on the humble island of Curaçao was the Queen Emma Bridge in Willemstad. When they started to admire the colorful buildings lining the waterfront, they thought, “If She She designed a city, this might be what it would look like,” and the view inspired the vision for the first print in the collection, dubbed Queen Emma.

Meanwhile, Maria en Patricia is a lovely, detailed blue-and-white patterned selection, depicting images of greenery, orange trees, flamingos, caged birds, playful hat-wearing parrots, cacti, florals, and more. Feminine yet fun, this peel-and-stick option is a vibrant choice for offices, powder rooms, and small spaces alike.

Worum and Hornig prioritized seeing wild flamingos on this trip, so trudging through the Salinas (muddy salt ponds) was an easy yes for them. Even though they lost a flip-flop and ruined a dress on the adventure, it was worth it, and they saw a “flamboyance” of flamingoes that influenced the Flamingo Salinas print.

The last pattern, Flamboyan, comes from the Flaming Flamboyan tree of Curaçao. The blooms on these trees are the most delicate little flowers that create soft textural foliage for any space.

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