David Heide Design Studio’s Bath & Powder Room Trends of the Year

Design professionals at David Heide Design Studio share what’s booming in the bath and powder room industry

Coming off an impressive first-place finish in the 2022 Midwest Home Design Awards’ powder bath category is David Heide Design Studio, a respected local firm that specializes in, well, everything. Here, Design Associate Leanna Kemp-Kristoff and Heide himself provide an inside look at what’s heating up the bath and powder room industry.

1. Stone Mosaic Floors
Water-jet technology affords some pretty amazing decorative patterns in stone floors. Some vendors offer infinite options (often featuring marble and onyx) given their ability to fabricate any design.

Artistic Tile’s Tappeti Green Blend Mosaic, available through Fantasia Tile in Minneapolis

Photo by Rich Michell

2. Wallpaper Pattern Tile
From inexpensive concrete and porcelain tile to tattooed marble and other ceramic options, floor-to-ceiling walls of pattern are making a big statement.

Photo provided

3. Match the Era
With thoughtful material selections and great craftspeople right here in the Twin Cities, you can have a brand-new bathroom in a 1920s house that looks like it has always been there, yet offers modern conveniences and necessities.

Photo provided

4. Colored Plumbing Fixtures
In the right space, a green—or pink!—sink, tub, and toilet are trendy and timeless.

Photo provided

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