A Light, Bright, and Durable Home for an Active Family

Photos courtesy Interior Impressions

“Oftentimes, there will be nerf footballs flying through the room,” mused Amy Leferink’s client, who has three boys and a dog. “Nothing can be super expensive, because I don’t want to cry if my kids break it.” As the mother of five kids (including four boys) herself, Leferink, Principal Designer at Interior Impressions, immediately got the message.

The client’s 4,500-square-foot Woodbury home was dark and dated. After Ispiri finished remodeling the home, opening it up to light and views while increasing functionality, Leferink was charged with bringing in a fresh, bright aesthetic that would be family-friendly enough to withstand an active, busy lifestyle. “My kids are now in their 20s and 30s,” says Leferink. “So, I’ve been there, done that. I know from personal experience what an active family looks like, and where in the home you’ll see the most wear and tear.”

The client’s mudroom, for instance, was filled with piles of shoes and backpacks, with smudged and damaged walls. New custom cabinetry provides lockers and cubbies for everyone, while a high-quality vinyl wallcovering resembling grass cloth adds durability and a homey finish.

In the family room, Leferink specified Crypton kid-proof fabric on the sectional, stain-guard protected fabric on chairs, and a leather ottoman “to keep all of the furniture beautiful and functional,” she says. The guest bath, which the boys often use, received a durable wallpaper with a bold blue pattern “that can stand up to water splatters and streaks, while adding a touch of glam.”

The kitchen has quartz countertops (easy for pizza prep), a table with a semi-rustic finish, and sturdy bar stools at the island (“So the kids can’t knock them over!”) with washable fabric covers. A little blue bar cart can be loaded up with food prep and drinks and wheeled outside for grilling and dining on the new patio. “They love having their neighbors over for pizza night,” says Leferink, “so we remodeled the patio and added a wood-fired pizza oven.”

Because the client was raised on an Oklahoma dairy farm, Leferink added touches of décor that would remind her of home. “She said, ‘I would love to have a little cow somewhere. Surprise me.’” Leferink hung a bright watercolor of a cow in the client’s office, and added cow-print upholstery to her desk chair.

“Life is so much more relaxing and comfortable when you have a beautiful home but don’t have to worry about every little thing,” she says.

Especially when the nerf balls start flying.

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