5 Ways to Infuse Interiors With Color

Go beyond neutrals and embrace colorful creativity with these five inspiring projects

In an era dominated by neutral tones, people are often hesitant to incorporate color into their interior spaces. However, bolder colorways in interior design have been gaining traction among current trends, including accent walls, unique wall coverings, and even color-drenched spaces. Here, we explore some other simple ways of elevating interiors with bursts of color. 


The striking, yet subtle cabinetry throughout this home by Alberttson Hansen Architecture takes center stage in the design. The kitchen, specifically, dazzles with fresh, original colors, fostering a fun and playful atmosphere. Floor-to-ceiling pastel green cabinetry adorns the wall in the nearby mudroom, providing beautiful storage for the welcoming entryway. 


Infused with the spirited hues of one of Parisian artist Paule Marrot’s iconic prints, this modern dining room by Vela Interior Design radiates “la joie de vivre,” which translates to “the joy of living life.” This vibrant space takes advantage of color through myriad means—most notably, the dining chairs, which don a daring gradient effect through a blend of three captivating colors.


This tonal bathroom is pretty in pink. Each element incorporated by Draper House Design Co. was meticulously curated in a spectrum from peach to soft lavender, with goals of infusing the space with feelings of tranquility. The soft pink shower tile contributes to the serene feelings of the space, while the darker, peach-striped floor tile adds a statement-making touch.


Julian Design takes color to the next level in this lakeside abode. The clients’ love of blue, teal, and purple, coupled with a penchant for shimmer, guided the design. One example of this lies in the guest house’s bar area, which is beautifully lit with neon blue lighting. Likewise, the home’s entertainment space is decorated with dazzling plate lights—each of which boasts its own unique style to create a one-of-a-kind accent wall.

Unexpected Accents

This Edina home by Home Design by Annie stands as a testament to bold design choices. The bar area, specifically, stands out with an accent ceiling adorned with bold wallpaper. Brass fixtures and light teal subway tile echo the floral hues above, helping to draw the eye upward.

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