5 Product Picks That Speak to the Senses

Put the ‘om’ in your home with holistic materials and products

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The bedroom, where we begin and end our day, should support every strand of our
well-being, calling on the senses—from touch and taste to sight, sound, and smell—
to craft a sanctuary of health and harmony. Homeowners can achieve this through incorporating holistic design, which takes the approach of creating for the whole person by supporting the mind, body, and spirit in sync with traditional interior design principles, says Sheree Vincent of Fusion Designed. “Holistic design is an amalgamate of different niches: biophilic design, sustainable design, feng shui, and accessible living,” she adds. “You can pull from all of the above and mix and match to understand how it works for you.” Here are a few ways to make your sacred space speak to the senses.


Clad your space in a sound-absorbing grasscloth wall covering. “They have sound and heat insulation qualities, are breathable, regulate humidity, and are sustainable, durable, and environmentally friendly,” Vincent says. Or, consider installing built-in speakers to play natural water or bird sounds.

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Hang a nature-inspired work by a local artist from Art Resources Gallery or paint your walls in a soothing no- or low-VOC shade of green or blue. Vincent says you also can introduce fractals—naturally occurring patterns that replicate nature, like a shell, beehive, or pinecone—through bedding, wallpaper, or window treatments.

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Aromatherapy in the form of essential oils can aid in relaxation, help you sleep, and reduce tension. Add a few drops to a spray bottle and spritz your pillow and sheets, rub oil on your pulse points, or take a quick whiff from the bottle, Vincent suggests. Or, hang eucalyptus in the shower. Vincent says the oils engage and offer a beautiful aroma, creating a “bath bomb” for your primary suite.

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Invest in the best—whether it be an organic Moss Envy mattress with Coyuchi sheets, a cozy rug beneath your feet, or a plump throw pillow. Opt for a faux fur selection for an extra connection to nature through touch.

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Build a water station into an in-suite wet bar, where you can infuse water or tea with fresh fruits or herbs. (Lemon, for instance, increases happiness and improves concentration!) Or, sit back, relax, and take a sip: The Sioux Chef co-founder Dana Thompson’s latest entrepreneurial endeavor, Heti, launches early this year and will offer THC- and CBD-infused herbal drinks inspired by Indigenous plant medicine.

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