5 Design Trends to Try in 2021

From colors and textures to furnishings and fixtures, editor Katelyn Bloomquist talks 2021 design trends

Staying up to date on industry happenings is what we do best at Midwest Home, especially when we’re talking trends. Each year, we see a fair share of it all—including luxurious lake homes, innovative remodels, full-fledged gardens, four-season porches, and more. Over time, we pick up on patterns and take notice of emerging fads. Keep reading to find out which trends we expect to shine bright in 2021.

Moody Color

In recent years, the popularity of bold, bright color has grown exponentially. But which colors—shades, hues, and tints included—are fab and which fall flat change year to year. In 2021, expect black (Sherwin-William’s Tricorn Black is a personal favorite), navy, charcoal, and other dark selections to make appearances on accent walls, on kitchen cabinetry, and more. Pair it with wood or white for a high-contrast punch sure to be a hit with your guests.

Accent Walls

Speaking of accent walls, they’re huge—incorporated somehow, in some way, in nearly every new build and remodel we see at Midwest Home. Often brought to life with a board-and-batten pattern or geometric shapes with carefully placed wood trim, they’re easy (and arguably fun) to create on your own. All you need is a nail gun and a little bit of patience. Check out this tutorial by The Merry Thought.

Natural Textures

Rattan, jute, wicker—all the natural materials. From rugs and light fixtures to baskets and beyond, we expect natural touches to make a myriad of appearances in indoor and outdoor spaces alike. (And don’t forget about pampas grass—add a large bushel to any vase for an on-trend, textured look in your bedroom or entryway.)

Wood Furniture

Whether brand-new or salvaged and restored, wood furniture (think consoles, entertainment centers, bar tops, coffee tables, and more) has always been functional and easy on the eyes—we’ve just finally caught on. From live edge to resin and epoxy, stay stylish with a handmade piece from your favorite wood furniture maker. We recommend Wettrock Co. and Wood From the Hood.

Chic Chandeliers

These often-glam fixtures are more popular than ever, but not in the extravagant, crystal-clad form that may come to mind. Wooden beads and tassels now dress up chandeliers in the best, most beautiful way—making for the perfect addition to your foyer, dining room, or nursery.

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