5 Captivating Kitchens We Can’t Ignore

These five kitchens will spark some serious inspiration, transforming the hub of your home into a stylish space worth the splurge
Photo by Kassina Folstad

The kitchen is arguably one of the most loved and appreciated spaces within our home—after all, the coffee, late-night snacks, and brand-new pots and pans you can’t stop talking about all reside there. It’s the place where birthday dinners are celebrated, Sunday-morning breakfasts relished, and drinks with friends enjoyed. Making the most of these fleeting moments is critical, and a stunning space designed by the industry’s best will only make them that much more memorable. Whether you’re in need of inspiration or just want some eye candy, these five kitchens leave us nothing short of speechless.

Industrial Beauty

This kitchen incorporates grays, charcoals, and blacks, and still somehow shines—perhaps due to the statement-making hood focal wall that encourages these darker colors to pack an equally powerful punch. Clearly, Hello Norden’s unique perspective on industrial-style design has never been more inventive. With hand-chiseled and -painted tiles, soft-black cabinetry, and detailed layering of textures, the knock-out kitchen features both the open space and an atmosphere that promote experimentation—perfect for the most discerning chefs and bakers. Hand-troweled cement countertops add to the timeless vintage feel of the space, especially when paired with Toledo stools and industrial-style pendants.

Photo by Chad Holder

Modern Masterpiece

A rotated square design makes for a unique, one-of-a-kind space in this Citydeskstudio Golden Valley kitchen. The 1989 build provided peculiar architectural elements that now serve as a stunning and practical design—featuring a clever incorporation of black, bar stools, a large sink, and overhead lights. The space’s lighter tones and rose-colored accents balance the wooden cabinetry and white ceilings and countertops that give the kitchen a clean, yet playful energy. The standout feature? A multi-angled island positioned in the center of the light, airy, and ultra-modern space.

Photo by Judith Marilyn

The Wonder of White

This Pinterest-perfect space is what kitchen dreams are made of. Courtesy of Henri Interiors, the kitchen features a striking use of crisp whites, soft creams, and warm beiges. The varying shades showcased within the cabinetry, stools, and countertops create a comfortable space to welcome friends and family, while the island beautifully complements the wooden flooring to form a particularly cohesive design. The marble backsplash and bright-white cabinets add both visual depth and ample physical storage.

Photo by Rich Michell

Historical Elegance 

Originally constructed in 1910, the E.L. Powers House by William Purcell and George Elmslie laid the foundation for this renovated space. From the cupboards and drawers to window frames and fixtures, wood is all the rage in the David Heide Design Studio kitchen. Gorgeous terracotta tile work and a farmhouse kitchen sink juxtapose—and simultaneously complement—the wood’s rich tones and historic character, further emphasized by the room’s abundant natural light. The project is a true testament to the charm and study of architectural preservation.

Photo by Alyssa Lee

Got The Blues?

Nothing catches the eye quite like a complementary blend of blue and gold hues, and this MA Peterson Design Build kitchen captures the beauty of the timeless color pairing perfectly. The baby blue cupboards and gold hardware within the 1930s cottage create a serene feeling in the area, while rich blue seats atop gold-clad stool legs add a decadent touch of drama. Dark wood ceiling beams overhead pair with the golden, sophisticated lighting fixtures—illuminating the hardwood floors and spacious kitchen island. Creams, beiges, and touches of gray interwoven in the backsplash match the white marble countertops to create a clean, complete space.

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