2024 Interior Trend Predictions With Chirigos Designs

In departure from the all-white, open-concept trends of years past, Bridget Chirigos of Chirigos Designs shares her more colorful predictions for trends on the rise

Photos courtesy of Chirigos Designs

Take a look back at interior trends from years past, and you’ll find patterns and styles we now consider ridiculous and dated: think carpeted bathrooms, tile countertops, and linoleum flooring. However, trends come and go, and many fads we figured were gone for good have recently resurfaced, such as vintage furniture and bold wallpaper. This revival prompts the question: Can even trendy designs be timeless? To explore this, we talked with Bridget Chirigos, principal and lead designer of Chirigos Designs, about her trend predictions for the year.

Color & Wood Tones

Kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are transitioning from the clean, white looks of the past to more vibrant, colorful aesthetics. Kitchens, specifically, are better known now as the heart of a home. By incorporating a mix of colors and wood tones, this space can boast a fun, playful atmosphere while keeping functionality intact. “We are loving that clients are willing to bring in other colors in their kitchen, whether it’s in the cabinetry, flooring, or countertops,” Chirigos says.

Less Open Concept

“The need to have separation of spaces for each family member when working from home definitely came out of the pandemic,” Chirigos explains. Comfortable, private spaces are beneficial for these work-related instances, but they also help to disconnect and designate specific spaces for certain purposes. She continues, “The open concept is great for some of the main areas, but we are getting requests from family members who need a quiet place to sit and read or peruse their devices as their kids grow. [There is] a need for parents to pull away from the central station of the home.”

Entertainment at Home

Dedicated entertaining spaces are becoming much more valuable to the younger generations. For instance, butler’s pantries and bars are gaining popularity for their convenience and capability of hiding messes when guests are visiting. “We always try to create a separate zone in the kitchen for a coffee or drink bar to stay out of the way of someone who is cooking or washing dishes,” Chirigos says.

Formal living rooms present opportunities for entertaining as well, with Chirigos often transforming them into multifunctional spaces. “With a large built-in that acts as an office during the day and can be closed off by cabinet doors, [the space] is now a library with comfortable seating for reading, relaxing, or a separate space for friends to mingle,” she describes.

Fashion Trends

“Fashion trends are always on our radar,” Chirigos says. “Walking on the runways and hanging in stores, we see the continuing trends of strong silhouettes—whether it’s the rounded volume [seen in] puffed chairs and sofas, or sleeker silhouettes of the Neoclassic and Art Deco eras.”

Florals have also been on the up and up—being incorporated as bold accent patterns in many interior designs. She notes, “Floral patterns on upholstery, wallpaper, and draperies are an ’80s comeback with a more modern design.”

As sustainability and the green movement remain top of mind for many millennials, vintage furniture and eco-friendly design will remain trending this year. Chirigos is seeing mainly ’80s and ’90s furniture in the resale shops right now, which encourages a mix of patterns, styles, and eras in interiors.

With the rise in floral patterns and sustainability trends, it only makes sense that natural materials will appear in more designs for 2024. She says, “We embrace the patina of natural materials and think there will be a continued appreciation of the wrinkles and slightly worn textures that happen naturally.”

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