2024 Ideas to Steal: Color, Paint + Wall Coverings

Spruce up your spaces and lean into the beauty of creative color

The Illusion of Paint Placement

Illustrations by Traci Zellmann

The number of ways a homeowner can leverage the power of paint—from a simple four-wall touchup to an accent wall or ceiling—is countless. Plus, different applications can achieve an illusion of more or less space, length, and comfortabilty. Wayzata-based M. Carlson Painting can help you get started: “You can play around with doing the same color for your ceiling, trim, and walls,” says Matt Carlson, CEO, speaking to the trend of color drenching (flip the page for more!). “It’s much cleaner and more modern of a look.” Create an illusion and play with the length of a room by painting the rear wall a darker color, or paint the walls a darker color to make the room feel shorter.

When it comes to height, a darker color on the ceiling makes the room feel shorter and cozier, especially if it’s a larger space. Lighter paint achieves the opposite effect, making rooms feel more spacious.

If the room is longer, placing a dark color on the back wall makes the room feel closer. In a narrow room, adding a darker color on one wall but leaving the others a lighter color makes the space feel more open. –Danielle Devota

Pattern Play

Local wallpaper and wall covering companies specialize in color, texture, and more. –Katelyn Bloomquist

Elder Wallpaper in Sky by Hygge & West

Photo courtesy of Hygge & West

Abstract Whimsy

Photo by Molly Reopelle

Wake up your walls with a custom mural for a playful pop of personalization. Molly Reopelle, owner of Made by Molly Jo, knows their effects well as a residential muralist who specializes in colorful concepts that communicate a sense of whimsy with interesting silhouettes. “Creating scenes that overlap and flow from one moment to the next with a blend of distinct iconography, abstract shapes, and nature inspired elements has become a signature of my style,” Reopelle says. “My hope is that [my residential murals] leave both residents and guests feeling comfortable and truly at home. I want to create pieces that make people want to spend time in that specific environment.” @madebymollyjo –Katelyn Bloomquist

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