2023 Ideas to Steal: Finishing Touches

From hardware and plumbing to lighting and millwork, the difference is in the details

A Splash of Warmth

Photo by Rubinski Visual

Interior designer Emily Pueringer, owner of Emily Pueringer Design Studio, takes big risks that result in beautiful rewards—especially when it comes to her plumbing and hardware selections. “My clients are still welcoming warm tones into their new and remodeled spaces,” she says. “Gold tones and polished nickel are my clients’ preferred finishes, and mixing metals is also going strong at the moment. I’ve never personally been a matchy-matchy person, so I love this shift!”

An Illuminating Investment

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Many custom integrators, including Kristin Reinitz, general manager and co-owner of Admit One Home Systems, are doing it all—lighting design included. Not only does she consider layout, but she also thinks through layers of lighting. “As integrators, we are already in charge of selling and programming the lighting control, so why not sell quality fixtures we know work well for control and wellness, plus render the correct colors and temperatures?” Reinitz says. “Homeowners know they want quality lighting, but what does that mean? What difference does it make? Once I show them good lighting, they cannot unsee it.”

MH: Why does thoughtful lighting design matter while planning interior spaces?

KR: For thousands of years, humans lived and slept with the sun. Now, we live inside boxes where we put a few light cans in the ceiling and call it good. There are studies out there about how light and wellness go hand in hand—from helping us with wayfinding and keeping us safe to helping us focus in the afternoon and relaxing at night. There are studies that show how well-controlled lighting can help us sleep soundly and wake more rested, affecting our wellness. Lighting can even help us stay in our homes longer for those considering aging in place.

What makes custom lighting design worth the investment?

Homeowners make major investments in their homes—think of all the materials and finishes, fixtures, cabinetry, and more they’ve hand selected. That can all fall flat if not lit properly—colors might render poorly, a textured wall might look smooth, or cabinetry details might be lost. Lighting design should be considered early in budget considerations so these personal aspects to someone’s home stand out.

Product Picks 

Lynn Dale, senior business development specialist at Visual Comfort & Co.’s Minneapolis location, shares her favorite fixtures for the new year.

1. “The Pedra 15″ Asymmetrical Right Sconce ($979) by Kelly Wearstler is stylish and modern,” says Dale. “The asymmetric shape adds a whimsical element, pushing the boundaries of traditional design by challenging symmetry, one of the most foundational elements. The design mixes stone and metal materials with alabaster domes that highlight the stone’s natural veining, providing a warm, diffused light.” Available in bronze, polished nickel, and antique burnished brass finishes.

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2. “The Talia Medium Linear Chandelier ($3,389) by Julie Neill is full of sophistication and inspired by organic forms found in nature,” Dale continues. “The beautiful array of clear, swirled hand-blown glass magnifies shimmering light, and this statement piece gives any space an updated, classic look.” Available in gild, plaster white, and burnished silver leaf finishes.

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