St. Patrick’s Day Barware

St. Patrick’s Day is best known for parades and mass beverage consumption—and, of course, the color green. Many festival goers will participate in bar crawls and deck themselves out in the color, but others simply use the holiday as an excuse to spend time with friends. Since the day doesn’t provide much to celebrate other than luck, hosts can always use some memorable barware for the occasion. 

Bottle Tops Shot Glass Set

Photo by Home Wet Bar

Both green for the holiday and still appropriate for other parties, this set of Bottle Tops Shot Glasses is sure to impress your guests. Made of recycled beer bottle glass, those who would rather not drink a beer can still enjoy a beer glass.

Master Cleanse Coasters

As St. Patrick’s Day is known as a day of indulgence (in the liquid sense), these Master Cleanse Coasters will get your guests thinking about these two similar sounding words, although they are opposite in meaning.

Musical Wine Glasses

These Musical Wine Glasses are sure to start more than a conversation at your party. Each glass has etched lines showing you where you need to fill or drink to to reach a different note of the A scale, simply by moving a moist finger around the top rim of the glass. Order the party set to have guests making music together.

Optimist Pessimist Glasses

Photo by Uncommon Goods

The bigger the guest list, the more personalities at your party. With this clever Optimist/Pessimist Glass, discover who’s who on the spectrum of half full to half empty. Pour the glass to half and see which option they choose.

Mixology Dice

Photo by Uncommon Goods

If you’re looking to shake up your regular cocktail game, these Mixology Dice have got your back. Each of the 8 dice has its own category of ingredients, including spirits, herbs, spices, bitters, sweet ingredients, citruses, liqueurs, and fruits. Whether you use them yourself or let your guests dream up limitless combinations, simply toss the dice and let the good times roll.

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