SALA Architects, Inc.

Every SALA design is created with a spirit of authenticity. Starting with your needs, and a respectful approach to the environment, our architects explore a range of possible solutions to find the one that best connects you with place and home. Our mission is to craft spaces that are a re-energizing resource to your well-being and individual spirit.

Since our beginning in 1983, SALA Architects have placed a high emphasis on developing close, effective relationships with our clients and our collaborators. We aspire to work with clients who are eager to explore ideas through an investigative approach to design and who reach for outcomes that go beyond everyday expectations.

Architecture should go beyond simply providing shelter. Our practice is about designing spaces that nurture the relationship between people and the environment.

1. SALA Architects, Inc.

2. SALA Architects, Inc.

3. SALA Architects, Inc.

4. SALA Architects, Inc.

5. SALA Architects, Inc.

6. SALA Architects, Inc.

7. SALA Architects, Inc.

326 E. Hennepin Ave., Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN 55414
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