Under the Sun and Moon

Outdoor Shower

Above: The stone of the addition, inside and out, matches the rest of the house.

It’s not a typical Minnesota amenity, but it’s awesome all the same. When John Kraemer & Sons were adding a spacious master bedroom, bathroom, and closet to a home situated on a rolling property that includes a dozen suburban acres, the homeowner requested a special feature: an outdoor shower. She’d fallen in love with the idea in the Dominican Republic, and designer Tom Rauscher of Rauscher & Associates obliged with this open-to-the-sky-but-private shower. A wall and door of glass separate it from a stunning master bath with its own shower and copper soaking tub. The homeowners love taking their showers outdoors. “It feels like a mini-vacation everyday,” she says. “It is my favorite part of my house. We shower in it from early spring until late fall. It has a speaker system and small lights under the brick. It is the best shower in the house.”

By Chris Lee
Photo by Jon Huelskamp, Landmark Photography



Built by John Kraemer and Sons
Designed by Tom Rauscher of Rauscher & Associates

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