Multiglide Patio Door by Andersen Windows & Doors

Andersen Windows & Doors' new multiglide door.

The outdoor entertaining season is upon us. If you’re ready to move the party outside, encourage guests to flow from inside to out, or just want to gaze at the view, check out the latest in patio doors. Andersen Windows & Doors’ new Multiglide door can turn openings of up to 25 feet wide and 10 feet tall into doorways. The Bayport-based manufacturer makes these doors in multiple configurations, with four different sill options. These extra-wide expanses of glass not only visually erase an entire wall, they allow you to step through it hands-free. Andersen’s new sensor allows for automatic operation, making it easy to carry food, drinks, and more out to the deck. Let the outdoor party begin.

By Chris Lee. Photo courtesy of Andersen Windows & Doors


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