Get the Look: Textured and Sleek Kitchen


There’s never a shortage of the new and lustworthy to consider for the most remodeled room in the house: the kitchen. This sleek, industrial, and uber-practical space shows off a few of the trends in design, products, and finishes. We’re betting you’ll love more than a couple—whether you’re due for a quick update or a complete remodel.

Mix Master

Islands of contrasting colors and finishes have long eliminated lockstep walls of uniform cabinetry. Next up: mixing cabinetry colors and textures on the same wall. It adds interest and lends the feel of a built-in even in a sleek, contemporary space.

Here, U-shaped high-gloss acrylic cabinets frame textured 3-D laminate cabinetry for a complementary tone-on-tone look. Installed with its “grain” running horizontally, this new laminate gives the illusion of wire-brushed white oak, but at a fraction of the cost.

Likewise, countertop colors are complementary rather than the same throughout. A frosty shade of Ceasarstone tops the sink-wall cabinetry and subtly contrasts with the grayish, weathered tones of the laminate. The island gets a warmer treatment with ginger-colored Ceasarstone that pairs well with the richer wood tones of the island’s laminate.


Still Stainless

Stainless steel, at home in traditional and contemporary spaces alike, remains the go-to finish for kitchen appliances. This counter-depth, French-door LG refrigerator includes a handy door-in-door feature that provides easy access to beverages or snacks. And it eliminates the need to harangue the fridge browsers in the family to close the door.

Mingling Metals

Keep it interesting by using a variety of metal finishes for a collected rather than matching look. This kitchen features stainless, brushed nickel, copper, and iron: The cabinet hardware and faucets are brushed nickel; the Dutch oven, antique tray, and pretzel table add the gleam of copper; and the table legs are iron.



The subdued palette of the cabinetry and countertops gets a warm kiss of color from the russet shade of the accent wall. Painting window and door trim to match the walls gives a traditional home a contemporary update.

Buyer’s Guide

High-gloss acrylic cabinets in Smoke, Level door style; textured Impressions 3-D laminate cabinetry in Fisherman’s Wharf and 3-D laminate cabinets in Copa Cabana, both in Elegante II door style. Available through Northern Contours, 651-695-1698, • Atlas Ergo hardware in brushed nickel,  • Caesarstone countertops in Frosty Carrina and Ginger countertop, • Accent wall paint, Audubon Russet,  • Gas cooktop, hood, dishwasher, counter-depth DID refrigerator, and wall oven, all by LG, • Large wall artwork, KDR Designer Showrooms, 275 Market St., Suite 408, Minneapolis, 612-332-0402, • Steel bucket used as planter, wood tray for oils, saddle- leather tray on island and large Hillary bowl, Zachary Ltd., 275 Market St., Suite 461, Minneapolis, 612-305-1201 • Antique tea caddy and copper baking pan, both from Antique Manor, 275 Market St., Minneapolis, Suite 319, 612-333-1685, • Copper and iron pretzel table, Lidded etched bone box, small Lisa vase, Tapis Décor, 275 Market St., Minneapolis, Suite 330, 612-359-6007 • White leather counter stool, Holly Hunt, 275 Market St., Suite 234, Minneapolis, 612-332-1900, • Quince pull-down kitchen and bar faucets, and Prevoir stainless-steel kitchen sink, American Standard, • Meram Blanc tumbled tile backsplash, Tile X Design, 1720 Annapolis Lane, Plymouth, 763-551-5900

By Chris Lee
Photos by Tim Nehotte

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