Color Pop: Life in Color 2023

Just like us, colors and decor have personalities that echo our inner selves
Saturated color, eye-catching art, and geometric accents abound within a Gulf-facing Florida condo by Liquidpink Interiors.

Photo by Spacecrafting

People are not one-dimensional, neutral, nor boring—we are multifaceted beings, colorful, and exciting. Therefore, to make our house a home, our spaces should reflect who we are. A trend commonly referred to as “dopamine decor” is blowing up on social media, and for good reason. Instead of sticking to the basics, homeowners are considering their individual color personalities, embracing vibrant designs and sprinkling bold chairs, sofas, lamps, and pieces of artwork that speak to them throughout their living environments—breathing joy into once generic spaces. But those of us who tend to stick with timeless classics may be wondering: How do I determine my own personal color palette?

Well, look within. Like people, colors varying in tones and shades personify a range of traits, characteristics, and emotions that influence how we feel. While vivid reds exude intensity and confidence, serene blues foster compassion and relaxation. Sunny yellows radiate warmth and joy, earthy greens embody tranquility and balance, regal purples add luxury and sophistication, and playful pinks exemplify peace and innocence.

Ultimately, one, two, all, or none of these hues might have a place in your home. Figuring out which spark something within you can feel daunting at first, yet as you begin to figure it out, asking yourself “Does this bring me joy?” provides clarity. If you still feel paralyzed by the fear of making or breaking a space with color, consider thinking back to your childhood and the simpler days on the playground where your go-to ice breaker was “What’s your favorite color?” Even when fads fade and styles change, your response remains a no-brainer. That gut instinct is something we all can, and should, rely on.

Naming colorful pieces that bring happiness into your home is equally necessary, and the designers featured on the following pages prove it. These projects bring us joy, standing out as smart, innovative, and powerful—but, at the end of the day, pockets of your home are for you and you alone. We hope this colorful compilation inspires you to dump the neutral narrative, welcome “dopamine decor,” and live a life full of fearless color. –Emma Conway

Captiva Crush
Liquidpink Interiors

Stephanie Lalley,

This 1,000-square-foot Captiva, Florida, condo and vacation rental by Minnesota-based Liquidpink Interiors embraces color to the max.

Photo by Spacecrafting

Stephanie Lalley of Liquidpink Interiors was tasked with transforming a tired beach condo into a happy coastal retreat—all on a modest budget. The 1,000-square-foot Gulf-facing condo in Captiva, Florida, hadn’t been updated since the early 1990s, and the new owner envisioned not only a beautiful secondary home but also a top-performing vacation rental.

Reminiscent of 1980s Miami decor in combination with a retro feel and contemporary elements, the newly renovated condo is designed with a carefree vibe, avoiding coastal cliches. The outdated golden oak cabinetry, dark tiles, heavy drapery, and speckled dark granite were replaced with a durable luxury vinyl tile (LVT) wood-look flooring—perfect for handling wet swimsuits, sand, beach gear, and any other mishaps that might occur during guests’ stays.

The overall design concept revolves around a combination of lavender and blush with evergreen and mint colors, giving the space a refreshing and unique look. The furniture silhouettes and accessories have a sculptural quality, softening the edges of the rectangular rooms and adding a touch of elegance to the design. Art plays a pivotal role in the condo’s ambiance, too, with abstract and playful pieces adorning the walls.

Multicolor Magic
Foxwell Studio x Shoppe

Heather & Brad Fox,

This kitchen’s standout feature is arguably its multicolor backsplash— comprised of a custom blend of vertical, 2.5-by-9-inch ceramic subway tiles from the tile shop.

Photos by Dylan Garrison, Press Play Media

The recent transformation of this colorful kitchen is a testament to its harmonious fusion of artistry, individuality, and practicality. The clients, a family with a playful and distinctive style, desired a space that echoed their identity—this new kitchen does exactly that and more. Despite a tight budget, the resourcefulness of HGTV stars Heather and Brad Fox of Foxwell Studio x Shoppe and Fox Homes was evident in their ingenious choices for tile, lighting, and hardware, ensuring punches of concentrated color.

Discreetly nestled behind the main culinary hub, a partially concealed pantry (flaunting a whimsical wallpaper covered in oranges) offers a tantalizing peek of the new space through an inviting arched doorway. Floating wood shelves offer the homeowners the ability to incorporate decor, art, and other trinkets, allowing the space to become even more reflective of who they are. Meanwhile, a multicolor blend of backsplash tiles from The Tile Shop perfectly complements the dark, yet calming cool-green tone of the range hood and cabinetry—weaving together to tell a captivatingly colorful narrative of both style and functionality.

Dining in Decadence
Home Design by Annie

Annie Tropple,

Photo by Spacecrafting

Annie Tropple recently transformed her very own dining room into an inviting space that exudes charm and elegance through subtle color selections. The heart of the remodel lies in the captivating soft blue floral wallpaper that adorns the walls, instantly setting a whimsical tone. “The wallpaper is a nod to my Grandma Ruth,” Tropple says. “She and my grandpa used Robert Sidenberg as a designer when designing their lake home years ago, and [he] specced a bold floral/fruit/bird pattern in my grandparents’ kitchen/dinette area. I was always in love with that paper, so I wanted to have that feel in my dining room.”

Modern Marvel
Lucy Interiors

Lucy Penfield & Betsy Kirmis,

Photo by Spacecrafting

The energy is through the roof in this artistic family home for a graphic design guru! In the lounge, a captivating Pierre Frey Les Modeles wallpaper stuns with a display of colorful silhouettes that packs a dynamic punch. Nearby, a vibrant Milton + King jungle wallpaper infuses playfulness into the space, bringing the outdoors in with exotic allure and safari-inspired sophistication. Flanking the bed are mustard lacquered nightstands, adding a pop of color and a hint of modernity. “They love playing with pattern, bold colors, and a sense of whimsy,” Betsy Kirmis says. “They are definitely the cool kids on the block.”

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