An Insider’s Guide to Windows & Doors

General Manager Lance Premeau of Kolbe Gallery Twin Cities shares the window and door trends taking hold on homeowners

Connected to Nature

Photo by Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork

Beyond the aesthetic of a massive window with a stunning view, homeowners desire quiet spaces that offer a sense of well-being and a connection to nature. Because windows and doors greatly affect the interior environment through lighting, thermal performance, acoustics, and air quality, choosing the right products and glass options is paramount to creating an ideal living space. Many of today’s homeowners are looking at windows and doors with a holistic approach, considering the number, size, and placement of each to enhance daylighting, ventilation, energy efficiency, and noise reduction.

Floor-to-Ceiling Views

Photo by LandMark

When it comes to beautiful views, most homeowners agree that bigger is better. That’s why floor-to-ceiling walls of windows are increasingly in demand—to offer large expanses of glass that frame picturesque landscapes. Whether a configuration of direct sets or combination of stationary and venting windows, a window wall can consist of varied shapes, sizes, and functionalities, often following the slope of the roofline. Homeowners also use sliding and folding doors that extend to the ceiling, opening up an entire side or corner of the home to seamlessly blend interior and exterior spaces.

Professional Partnerships

Photo by Christian Klugmann

While some homeowners are handy with DIY projects, more and more are collaborating with professionals to find window and door solutions that best meet their project, budgetary, and performance needs. Working together, homeowners benefit from the professional’s experience with product lines, types, and styles, knowing just how to leverage their distinct characteristics to suit the design of each space in the home. Taking into consideration environmental factors, window and door experts can help homeowners select appropriate products and options for each elevation of their home.


Photo by Phillip Ennis

Initially embraced primarily by tech-savvy early adapters, automation has become widely popular as a whole-home solution for comfort and convenience. When integrated with window and door products, homeowners can easily open, close, and lock their windows and doors with remotes, keypads, touch screens, and other devices. This technology is also trending in switchable privacy glass options, as well as providing an easy way for those aging in place to engage with and enjoy their home environment.

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