Sales + Events: Sept. 16-22 features the Twin Cities Arts & Crafts 20th Century Design Show & Sale

This week’s featured event in the Twin Cities metro.

When the anxieties of industrial life arose during the late Victorian era in Britain, a new sort of artistic trend came to life: the Arts and Craft Movement. The retreat to hand-craftsmanship (as opposed to machine-built designs) quickly inspired the movement in the United States, where artistic handicraft, furnishings, woodwork, and book binding flourished.

Courtesy of Twin Cities Arts & Crafts Show

The 20th Annual Twin Cities Arts & Crafts 20th Century Design Show and Sale wants to transport art aficionados to a realm of all things unique, antique, and Art Moderne. During the third week of September in the Progress Center Building at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, you’ll have the chance to venture through—and purchase—beautiful décor created throughout the early 20th century.

Among the 20-plus vendors is Clark Miller and Sabra Waldfogel of Red Dust Antiques, located in the historic White Castle building in Minneapolis. Loyal to the show, Miller and Waldfogel affirm their participation has sustained not only business, but friendships.

“It’s fun because we meet new people and dealers from all over the country,” Miller says. It’s as much social as it is selling.”

The duo specializes in modern Scandinavian pottery, arts and crafts, Chinese Cultural Revolution wall art (1966-1976) and Rock and Roll posters. With knowledge that spans artistic eras, Miller and Waldfogel hope to motivate others to immerse themselves in the antique world.

Courtesy of Twin Cities Arts & Crafts Show

In addition to antique vendors, artists will also be at the sale with work available to purchase. One such artist is Jack Dant, a St. Paul-based traditional realism and impressionism oil and watercolor painter. Although he’s only participated in the show for two years, he enjoys surrounding himself with “the Arts and Craft era and that aesthetic.” Dant plans on selling his paintings and handcrafted custom oak frames.

The diverse array of design studios, furniture vendors, and clubs from around the nation includes the Twin Cities Bungalow Club, Master Framers, Just Art Pottery from Illinois, and more. Visitors can expect to speak with experts on how to decorate their homes with the high-quality merchandise for sale. Reproductions will also be available.

Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. @ Minnesota State Fairgrounds Progress Center Building, 1265 North Snelling Ave.,

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