Personalized Presents for Newlyweds

Wedding season has officially begun. Now that the Big One of the season is over, and Harry and Meghan are safely wed, we can turn our attention to other less glamorous, but more personal, celebrations. Weddings are much more frequent in the late spring, summer, and early fall months, as the weather is perfect for outdoor gatherings if couples choose. Because of this, you might have one, a few or sometimes more weddings to prepare for in the upcoming months.

Although weddings are celebrations, there is more to them than showing up and saying cheers. Choosing the perfect wedding gift isn’t always the easiest task, depending on how well you know the couple. The wedding registry is always a sure solution, but a memorable gift is a great way to show the couple how much you care. Personalized wedding gifts can be a perfect answer to a generic gift problem. These gifts are all customizable options that can create a lasting memory and memento for the couple.

Custom Map Serving Tray

Choose a place that is important to the married couple and plot it on this Custom Map Serving Tray. Whether you select the place where the couple met, where they fell in love, where they got engaged, or even where they are getting married, this tray is a great way to implement a piece of their love story into every day life.

Wedding Cake Ornament

While you may not be able to gift this on the day of their wedding, this Wedding Cake Ornament is worth the wait. As the makers of this ornament create a replica of the wedding cake in a miniature version, commemorating such a classic element of the reception will remind the couple of the sweet dessert they chose to celebrate their love every year at Christmas.


Anything reminding the couple of their new shared initials will bring a smile to their faces, and these Personalized Glass Coasters commemorate their new status whenever they lift up their drinks.


Help newlyweds remind their guests of the their new shared home as they enter with a Personalized Doormat. Use their last name, the year they got married, or anything of your choosing.

Cocktail Glasses

To accompany monogrammed coasters, give customized cocktail or whiskey glasses to the couple, depending on their preferences. Customizable wine glasses are always an option, too.

iPad Stand

Whether you write the couple’s last name or a phrase that means something to them, this iPad Stand is a great way to help out in the kitchen. It keeps recipes easily visible and the iPad clean in the midst of a cooking session.

Search sites like Etsy and Scoutmob for other unique, customizable gift ideas.

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