2016 ASID Kitchen Tour: Monson Interior Design and Dreammaker Bath & Kitchen


Monson Interior Design and Dreammaker Bath & Kitchen

Designed By: Lynn Monson

Monson Interior Design and Dreammaker Bath & Kitchen ASID Kitchen Interior

While this home was far from perfect, the homeowners loved the neighborhood, beautiful gardens (carefully cultivated over the past 14 years), and St. Paul location. Rather than move, they chose to remodel solely to their personal tastes and not worry about how their choices might appeal to a future buyer. They hired Omforme Design, Otagawa Anschel Design-Build, and designers Lynn and Sandy Monson of Monson Interior Design and DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen to bring their contemporary vision to life. Lynn and Sandy were tasked with designing a new kitchen, large walk-in pantry, and a powder room all within the former garage footprint, and reconfigure the former kitchen into a new wet bar. They encouraged the clients to think outside the box, resulting in a uniquely shaped kitchen island (among other bold design elements).

The new space brought a “huge return in the homeowners’ quality of life,” Sandysays. “We were honored to have been part of that.”

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