Lovegood & Co. Brings Eclectic Home Goods & Gifts to Grand Avenue

Lovegood & Co. recently opened off Grand Avenue in St. Paul with an eclectic mix of home goods and gifts

by Jahna Peloquin (images courtesy Lovegood & Co.)

Rustic charm meets modern style at Lovegood & Co., a new destination for home goods and gifts located off St. Paul’s Grand Avenue. The cozy, 400-square-foot shop may be tiny, but it’s packed with unique finds: handmade note cards, vintage glassware, woven baskets, handcrafted throw pillows and dish towels, mid-century furniture, hand-thrown pottery, and brass tabletop décor. Its eclectic mix of goods culled from all over the globe, including Persian rugs, peacock chairs, a vintage Mexican cedar-and-pigskin Equipale chair, and handmade macramé wall hangings by Minneapolis makers, Kin & Plume, gives the store a bohemian vibe, while mid-century furniture—such as a Heywood-Wakefield Ashcraft chair with its original, dusty-rose upholstery—lends clean lines and a modern sensibility to the space.

I asked Drallette about her background in vintage peddling, the inspiration behind her shop, and how nostalgia plays into the goods she sells.

What is your background? 

Most of my adult professional life was actually in the military. I was in the Army for about seven years and eventually finished my nursing degree during the end of my enlistment. Even in the Army, though, I was that girl that was heading into the field in full battle rattle and war paint on my face, but a vintage rug and kettle strapped to my rucksack for when we made camp to make it homey.

How did you first begin collecting vintage goods?

I developed a passion for thrifting years ago and have always loved fusing vintage finds with modern living and decor, giving them new life and perspective. It really started as a young child, going to garage sales and flea markets with my grandma. She used to call me her little old lady, and she was my best friend. I’d go hunting for things that made me go “oooh” and we’d sit down afterwards and she would explain their era, what they were and how people used them.

What is the inspiration behind Lovegood & Co.? 

Every item is a treasure meant for someone to find here. Helping people embrace slow fashion and retail ideals was a big push behind a Lovegood storefront as well. Our new items mixed in (greeting cards, candles, wood box picture frames, jewelry, macrame, totes, pillows, wall hangings, hats, dish towels) are all from local makers or small businesses from around the country who believe in ethical retail practices or are thrifted. We want to reuse, keep things out of landfills, and educate customers on the environmental and carbon impact mass retailers can have, while supporting the shop-small and local mentality.

Does Lovegood’s small storefront pose any challenges? 

When I found the tiny space off of Grand (about 400sq ft) it all happened very organically and knew it was meant to be because I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a small space guru. My favorite apartment I’ve ever had was a 350sq foot studio in Uptown, and I’m hunting for another one. I believe in less house, more home. Playing with melding my love of boho, eclectic, and mid-century modern while showing people how they can, too, without having to spend a ton of money has been so much fun in our little nook.

Nostalgia seems to be a recurring theme with Lovegood & Co. How does nostalgia relate to the products you sell? 

The most beautiful things in life aren’t just things, they’re memories, feelings, moments, smiles, and laughter. That’s what nostalgia is to me, and how I feel about vintage pieces and things that are made or found with love. They have history, a soul. You’re a part of its life as much as it’s a part of yours. We want people to feel that here and in what they purchase.

Now open @ 42 S. Oxford St., St. Paul,



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