Pup-Approved Shower

Dog wash station

As every dog owner knows, wet and muddy paws, tails, bellies, etc., are inevitable. But tracking the mess inside need not be. Observe Louie, a 50-pound shepherd mix. He and his buddy Nelson, two rescued pooches who live in a recently remodeled 1954 rambler in Edina, love the dog-washing station their owners added to the new mudroom. Romping in the yard and dog park used to mean getting carried through the house to the bathroom tub for a rinse. No more, the owners decided during the remodel. With the help of Kristy Conlin, senior interior designer at Martha O’Hara Interiors, the wife specified a raised dog wash with a hand-held mount, hooks for hanging leashes, and open shelving for toys and treats. It’s also perfect for cleaning up boots, garden tools, repotting plants, and other household chores. “It’s one of my favorite things about the house,” she says. “Life can get messy. You’ve just got to clean it up.”

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