Plant Paradise by Conservatory Craftsmen

A tech-savvy conservatory enhances a retired couple’s home and lives

Photo by Tony Valainis

After living in their home for over two decades, a husband-and-wife duo was ready for an eco-friendly upgrade. An ad on Facebook directed Donald King and his wife, Beth, to Minneapolis’ Conservatory Craftsmen, which builds conservatories, greenhouses, and other residential structures. After connecting with the company, the empty nesters relayed their unique vision for the new space.

The result of the collaboration was this classic, Victorian-style conservatory—where dinner parties and plant interests intersect. A brick exterior was a must to match the main home’s shell, but inside, the Kings imagined a space that both harmonized with the residence’s interior design and elevated the entire property.

This vision was accomplished through careful attention to detail. Slope glaze-treated windows protect the space from UV rays and trap moisture, while dentil molding, French doors, and arched muntins are a few of the more refined features incorporated into the nature-filled indoor oasis. These grand accents set the scene for get-togethers of all sorts while also enabling Beth to enjoy her passion for plants.

The company embraced technological innovation as well. Tied to a thermostat and weather station, an automation system reads the room, “defends” the space, and adjusts to the elements for year-round gardening. For instance, if the conservatory gets too hot, the blinds will shut; if a storm barrels in, the windows will close; if the temperature drops overnight, the space will warm and keep the plants flourishing.

Such a smart room takes the stress out of gardening, leaving only the fun. Conservatory Craftsmen’s Evan Cohoe says, “We just want to create these beautiful environments.” This tech-savvy plant and party paradise for a dynamic pair does exactly that—and then some.

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