Personality Profile: Interior Designer Annie Tropple

Tropple shares her advice for a successful renovation.

Images courtesy Home Design by Annie

Annie Tropple, interior designer and owner of Home Design by Annie, has always loved to make a space her own. As a child, she often rearranged her room and liked to make pretend homes out of magazine clippings. It wasn’t until college that she realized she could do this for clients professionally: Her friend’s roommate was an interior design major, and that’s when it clicked. Tropple applied to the program herself and began the career she loves.

Tropple enjoys working with clients and using their style to guide each project, dabbling in all styles as a result of her relationship with clients and the experience she has learned throughout the last decade. Here’s what she had to share about design:

How would you describe your style and your dream home?

My personal style is like a modern, coastal cottage. My dream home would have lots of white, light furniture, shiplap walls, scrubbed pine floors, and some fun colors popped throughout. It’d be really bright and sunshine-y with a water view of some sort.

I grew up on a lake, and we’ve been going to the ocean since I was a kid. I lived in San Diego for a while, so I’m totally a water person, and I love that influence in design.

What are some misconceptions clients often have going into a project?

HGTV has given people the false impression of how quickly things can be done and how cheap it can be. It cheapens our trade a little bit because people have misconceptions about how much things actually cost. A lot of times, I ask people what their budget is and they say, “I have no idea. I don’t know what things cost.” Have a realistic outlook on the project: how much things cost, how long things take, and the value of having an interior designer involved.

How often do you recommend updating a home?

I try to focus on more timeless design, so it can go the distance. There’s nothing truly timeless though. Everything changes. Every five to 10 years, it’s fun to freshen up and try something different; not that you have to, but it’s fun to do.

How do you ensure a design has longevity?

I really don’t pay a ton of attention to trends in selections like tile or carpet or anything. I try to select timeless products, not anything that is a fad. Some clients like the trendy things, so we can do that too if they want. I try to make selections that are more classic than trendy at the moment.

What features do you like to have fun with?

I love wallpaper. Wallpaper, lighting, cabinet hardware, tile, paints. I love popping color in unique furniture pieces and custom designed details. There’s so much in a house you can have fun with. I love doing a fun front door, whether it’s a fun color or design. I think your front door is one of the most important things in a house. It’s the first thing people come up to in a house, and it’s a statement of your house.

What makes a design successful?

Cohesiveness, comfort, getting the design elements that the client wants into the room, and on or close to budget. It’s a feeling. Everything flows together and is connected somehow, through both scale and color.

What value does an interior designer add?

I think they can make you a lot of money and save you a lot of money. The value that we add to your house can be exponential, and if everything goes right, you don’t have to pay for mistakes or decisions you weren’t sure about or if you wanted the wrong thing.

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