Parisian Perfection Defines This 1950s Bathroom Remodel

Classic chic meets rosy pink in this honeymoon-inspired bathroom remodel by Liz Schupanitz Designs

Photos by Andrea Rugg

Marble tile and pink Italian Rosa Portogallo stone contribute a classic, refined look to this remodeled master bathroom.

Considering its antique lighting, art-deco glass, and subtle pink countertops, this newly remodeled master bathroom might make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a glamorous Parisian dream. But believe it or not, this suite overlooks the Mississippi—not the Seine.

Prior to calling Liz Schupanitz of Liz Schupanitz Designs, the homeowners dealt with maintenance problems and knew the bathroom’s 1950s design was in need of a refresh. The room’s vibrant pink walls and clunky cabinets weren’t doing the space any favors.

With a designer on board, the clients committed to a full renovation. The goal? Make the new bath soft, feminine, and reminiscent of the couple’s honeymoon suite in Paris. Channeling their memories and cherished moments, Schupanitz created the perfect setting for relaxing in the bathtub by candlelight or sitting at the mirror with a makeup brush.

However, the bathroom’s limited square footage required her to recreate the look of a Parisian penthouse without relocating the tub, shower, and toilet. “It was a funky bathroom to work with,” Schupanitz recalls. “A curved vanity helped expand the space without creating a huge cabinet, which was both a design and spatial choice.”

The vanity, outfitted with a laundry chute, storage, and get-ready space, provides a feminine touch of functionality.

Nearby, a linen cabinet provides a flexible area to house  a laundry chute and vanity—one beautifully outfitted with ample counterspace and a large mirror. “I tried making [the vanity] part of the sink cabinet, but there wasn’t enough room,” she adds. “I kept worrying it would look silly hanging off the linen closet, but that and the sink cabinet are my favorite.”

Much of this aesthetic is owed to the design’s ornate yet refined finishes and materials. The pink countertops—comprised of an Italian Rosa Portogallo stone imported from New York—were a rare find and took time to track down. White and gray marble in the shower complements the rosy, intricate tilework, while the simplicity of classic white cabinetry visually juxtaposes detailed light fixtures. Schupanitz’s new design not only preserved the bathroom’s pink spirit but also gave it a much-needed glow-up.

In return, the homeowners gained more than just a beautiful bathroom in which they can unwind and relax. Now, they are reminded of their fond French memories in a space that’s très magnifique.  

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