Make Music in This Gem Lake Home by TJB Homes, Inc.


The owners of this 6,000-square-foot home were in the process of buying a lot in another development when they happened upon the Gem Lake property.

“We absolutely fell in love with the location,” says the homeowner. The couple had long dreamed of living on a quiet, heavily wooded lot near the water, and this property perfectly fit the bill. “It has all the benefits of country living but with the accouterments of the city nearby,” she adds.

The homeowners worked with Tom Budzynski of TJB Homes, Inc. to create a home that matched the lot of their dreams. They wanted something with a modern, contemporary feel where they could entertain and a place where their grown daughters could come visit.

The design of the main floor came together quickly, but the homeowners didn’t have a clear idea for the lower level. Three hours after the basement floor was poured, they brainstormed with Budzynski by drawing on the cement with chalk. As they were coming up with ideas, one of the homeowners pulled out a pocket-sized horseshoe souvenir from a New York restaurant, and the Lucky Horseshoe Booth was born.

One of the homeowners plays in a band in her spare time, and two features in the lower level pay tribute to her love of music. Budzynski included a soffit above the bar that resembles a guitar and a room where she could display her musical equipment and memorabilia.

“The ‘nightclub’ idea was Tom’s,” says the homeowner. “We wanted a space where we could enjoy our family, play guitar, maybe hook up a drum kit and some microphones, and have fun.”

The large, welcoming space also includes a theater-like seating area for watching TV, built-in booth, sauna, wine cellar, glass and granite bar with rounded cabinets, and bedrooms for the couple’s two daughters with a Jack-and-Jill bathroom.

The lot and the house have exceeded the homeowners’ expectations. “Every time I’m out to the house, I experience a different form of wildlife, from bald eagles and deer to frogs and snapping turtles. I never dreamed I would have everything I wanted and more,” she says.

By Heidi Losleben
Photos by Spacecrafting

Builder: TJB Homes, inc.
Home Location: Gem Lake
Minneapolis Glass Company
Southern Lights, Inc.
Stone Countertop Outlet
Warners’ Stellian Appliances

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