Luxe on the Lake with MA Peterson Designbuild

This peaceful, year-round abode by MA Peterson Designbuild and the Sitting Room provides both solitude and sophistication

Photos by Spacecrafting

Featuring an abundance of luxury finishes, a 50-foot bay of windows overlooking the lake, and gorgeous work of local artist Kristi Abbott, each space inside this 7,850-square-foot Lake Minnetonka home is thoughtfully curated.

While strolling down the hallway toward their main-floor gathering area, the owners of this dreamy whole-home remodel by MA Peterson Designbuild are greeted with a wave of tranquility. “It’s all about the lake view,” says the wife, referencing the 50-foot sliding glass doors that illuminate the wall-to-wall expanse of Lake Minnetonka. “The house is quite open—you live in the flow.”

That flow was achieved by owner and lead designer Mark Peterson, who elevated the window and door heights of the property and raised the roof to create a vaulted ceiling. The result is an airy, open space that encourages sunlight to stream inside. From floor to ceiling, the home reflects the harmony of nature, with each feature bridging concept to construction.

A prime example is the technology integrated within the glass doors. Reminiscent of the Starship Enterprise, Peterson says, laughing, they can be activated by the wave of a hand. In fact, the home’s wine room functions in the same way—acting as another example of the many luxurious and discrete features found within the home. There are also pocket doors that recess into the walls to conserve space, plus heated floors in the garage. “It’s a very unique setup,” says Peterson. But function aside, it is aesthetically “a very simple structure that’s more contemporized but not necessarily contemporary—just cleaner lines.”

These clean architectural lines are discernable from all angles. In spaces like the kitchen, dining, office, and exercise rooms (where MA Peterson partnered with interior designers from The Sitting Room), the fluidity of rolling waves and gentle sway of towering trees inspired the blend of modern and cottage-like features, all of which serve to enhance the home’s beauty and accessibility. Careful attention to detail, refined cabinetry, and inviting fireplaces create a balance of elegance and accommodation for guests during evenings spent hosting. Additionally, skylights in the gathering area illuminate a collection of artworks composed by local artist Kristi Abbott, whose pieces come to life with cerulean hues and earth tones. 

With so much to love and enjoy, picking a favorite space to blissfully unwind proves understandably challenging for the owners. “In the morning, with a cup of coffee in bed, that’s my favorite room,” the wife says. “And then during the day, when I spend my time in the kitchen, that’s my favorite room. And then in my closet, picking out a basic white t-shirt, that’s my favorite room.” Indecisiveness has never been a better compliment.

Home Details

  • Builder: MA Peterson Designbuild
  • Interior Design: The Sitting Room
  • Home Location: Lake Minnetonka
  • Square Footage: 7,850
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 2.5
  • Style: Contemporary 

Experience a virtual tour of the home here.

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