Ground One Designs A Midwest Paradise in Minnetonka

Tree orchard, charming pathway, and stone steps aside, this Minnetonka backyard by Ground One Landscape Design + Build + Maintain is a true Midwest oasis

Photos by Andrea Rugg

“Vast” and “parklike” are words Ground One Landscape Design + Build + Maintain owner Pat Weiss uses to describe the backyard of this Minnetonka home. “The homeowners, who have lived here for 30 years, wanted to make better use of the space, especially now that grandchildren are in the mix,” he says. The couple also wanted to update the landscaping around the entire property and craft a more defined path from the front to back yards. 

Ground One’s design included replacing the front yard’s concrete sidewalk with limestone and adding shade-tolerant plantings, instantly boosting the home’s curb appeal. Nearby, stone steps with wayfinding lights and plantings in the side yard create a safe and charming path to the new backyard entertaining area. A substantial stone retaining wall creates a flat area in the sloping backyard—promising ample room for a large limestone patio and cedar pergola. Stone columns help define separate spaces for dining and lounging, and tall trees were strategically placed for privacy. Several varieties of landscape lighting create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They also added stainless-steel raised garden beds and a 20-plus tree orchard to the backyard—now vast, parklike, and spectacular indeed!



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