Episode 3: The Green-Grossfield Project – This House Sucks

“This House Sucks”

That was the kids’ take on the house. They hated it.  It was already a tough sell to get them to want to move from their childhood home in Eden Prairie to a tiny rambler in St. Louis Park.  When they saw what we purchased, I almost had a mutiny on my hands.

Jordana Green Children

But, as any parent worth their salt will tell you, bribes go a long way. My oldest, Marley (12), wanted a walk-in closet; my son, Maddox (10), wanted a basketball hoop and a PS4 gaming system; and my baby, Ruby (8), wanted a bed with a secret hideaway. Done, done, and done. 

As for house progress we were in the process of erecting the second floor and putting a roof over our heads.  Jim, our builder subscribes to what he calls an ‘organic build’.  That means he places the walls and let’s us approve them before nailing anything in for good. I loved this philosophy because the process of building a home was overwhelming, so being able to make last-minute changes was a godsend.  Surprisingly, there weren’t too many changes… OK, I may have made my closet a little bigger (just a little). 

Green Grossfield Project Kids

The walls were up, the roof was on and now we had to decide on the exterior material.  This gave me the most anxiety.  I love modern design but I live in a traditional neighborhood.  Marc insisted on low maintenance; he didn’t want to have to stain or paint every few years.  I don’t blame him.  

Join us next week for window placement, and the exterior material we found (they use at the Alaska Zoo).  It’s durable enough for Marc and I love how it looks!  Stay tuned to the #greengrossfieldproject

By Jordana Green

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