A Sacred Space

Designed for Japan. Crafted in Canada. Assembled in Minnesota. Anywhere else you’d be hard pressed to put these three statements together, but at Sacred Clay Country Inn they all merge in a beautiful architectural statement open for guests.

Photo by Greg Schuchard

Sacred Clay Country Inn was originally designed as a prototype for a series of bed-and-breakfasts in Japan, but some financial miscalculations caused the project to stall. A lumber buyer in Calgary bought all 489 pieces of the yet-to-be assembled timber frame structure, where it sat waiting.

Enter Fred Kiel, the visionary behind Sacred Clay. Fred was in the market to build a bed and breakfast. Through a twist of fate he was introduced to the lumber buyer, and a deal was struck to ship the pieces south.

Sacred Clay Country Inn now sits atop a picturesque hill in Lanesboro, Minnesota. All four floors of the inn gleam with the radiance of hand-polished wood. From the fireplaces to the stained-glass windows to the timber framing itself, Sacred Clay is the perfect spot for a wedding, a reunion, or simply as a place to reconnect with the natural world.

Nine rooms—each with a unique theme—are scattered about the abode, along with game rooms, common areas, and even a meditation room. Combined with gardens, trails and as much serenity as you could wish for, Sacred Clay Country Inn is nothing you would expect, yet everything you need.

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