The Primary Bathroom of a North Oaks Home Undergoes a Radiant Revival

Relaxing and romantic, this spa-like space is bathed in a welcoming warmth

Photos by Chad Holder  

A curved, freestanding tub from MTI Baths captures attention in this spa-inspired primary bathroom.

The spa-inspired bathroom aesthetic—once defined by bright whites, open layouts, and minimalist decor—is undergoing a transformative shift toward warmth and understated elegance. Soft lighting, stand-alone tubs, and mixes of natural materials are all illustrative of this newfound trend—and this North Oaks project is the perfect representation.

Warm, welcoming, and romantic were words the homeowners used as the driving force behind this serene primary bath design. As hardworking business professionals, they sought to create a relaxing retreat for rest after each long day’s work. Lisa Peck, owner and principal designer at LiLu Interiors, was up to the challenge, redefining the awkwardly large area and designing it to suit the couple’s lifestyle.

Cozy & Compact

With excess space and a cold, cavernous feel, the bathroom transformation was centered on making the room feel more in tune with the earthy, nature-inspired designs seen in many of today’s spas. There were some amenities the homeowners requested to remold the space, including a coffee bar and full laundry system. To ensure multifunctionality, storage was also put at the forefront. “Their previous vanity did not have the storage in it that they needed,” Peck says. “We created some very specialized storage in their vanity [and also] did a whole built-in linen cabinet, so all the things they need are right in the space.”

Lavish Lighting

The inherent beauty of lighting is accentuated through subtle layers across the room, with each piece of lighting lending an ambient glow to the space. Perhaps the most notable example is the undermount lighting, which illuminates the custom walnut vanity and curved Juliet tub from MTI Baths. “We used LED tape lighting combined with a center fixture, downlights, and sconces so you can change the mood in the space with different layers of light,” Peck describes. At any time of day, the room teems with a “soft, soothing light [that evokes] really calm feelings.”

Warmth Through Wood

Nestled in a quiet patch of woods, the home boasts gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape, which the homeowners sought to maintain in the bathroom’s nature-centric design. While most wood elements in the house are maple, Peck opted for custom walnut cabinetry to meld with the outdoor scenery and infuse warmth into the space. This dark wood selection adds weight and assists in making the large room feel smaller. To complement the walnut tones, texture was embraced through elements like the MSI Surfaces quartz countertop and commercial textile wall covering—both of which echo the woodland setting that inspired it all.

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