A Familiar Dog-Walking Route Leads to a New Creekside Home

Exterior shots by Andrea Rugg, interior shots by Brandon Stengel

Wood finished with a warm stain adds texture and contrast to the front of this modern white home.

They owe it all to Winston.

For years, an Edina couple had walked their dog Winston by a small colonial-style home owned by an elderly woman. The house sat on a pie-shaped lot that widened as it backed up to Minnehaha Creek. When they learned the owner would soon be selling, the couple knew they could realize their dream of indoor-outdoor living by buying the property.

They enlisted Quartersawn Design Build to site and design their new 2,500-square-foot home in a crisp modern-Tudor style, clad in stucco and tongue-and-groove cedar. But first, the existing house was carefully dismantled, piece by piece, by Bollig & Sons, for reuse and recycling.

Then came the screen porch, open on three sides with terrific views of the woods and creek, and privacy at the back. “Programmatically, the screen porch was essential,” says Jeff Nicholson, principal of Quartersawn Design Build. “Indoor-outdoor living, with lots of light and views, was the clients’ goal.”

The open-plan living, dining, and kitchen areas also open to the creek— through floor-to-ceiling windows and doors—with a regal white pine as a focal point, Nicholson adds. “All of the main rooms flow out to the deck and the yard,” he explains. Even the master bath overlooks the creek, with a window precisely angled for views as well as privacy.

The design-build team located storage, laundry, and a pocket office, as well as Winston’s room and his dog run, on the north side. “That way,” Nicholson says, “we could keep the main living area wide open.”

The interior design balances the couple’s mid-century-style furnishings with cool and bright walls. Walnut cabinetry and black granite countertops also warm up the space. A wall of layered white stone houses a fireplace, with built-in seats that provide storage for cushions and blankets. “Thanks to Winston, the couple came across the property,” Nicholson says, “and they’re now enjoying the indoor-outdoor lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.”

The back of the new new house features a taller central gable and airy screened porch.

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