A Calm Oasis on Diamond Lake

A 1940 kitchen has been reimagined into a peaceful place where glistening views of Diamond Lake and wildlife sightings are a daily occurrence

Photos by Alyssa Lee

A cozy breakfast nook overlooking Diamond Lake makes for the perfect family gathering spot.

Each and every morning, the first light of day seeps into this Diamond Lake kitchen through its copious windows, inviting Katie Kelley to linger at the breakfast nook with a cup of tea in hand. It’s where she takes a pause before “the chaos of the day begins,” as she describes it—a perfect spot to watch sunrises and the wildlife that frequents the land.

As Kelley awaits her family to join her in the kitchen (otherwise known as the official gathering place of her 1940 home), the flurry of two teenage boys, her husband, Tony, and Bentley, the family dog, soon begins. But Kelley doesn’t mind—with the help of Pheasant Run Construction and Andrea Dixon of Fiddlehead Design Group, she has been basking in her anything-but-stressful new kitchen. The stunning waterside views only add to the calming ambience of the recently renovated space.

Hand-selected finishes and a new-and-improved layout make this kitchen remodel by Fiddlehead Design Group a lesson in luxury.

But this wasn’t always the case. Dixon says the original kitchen, which was far too small, didn’t take advantage of the lake views. Throughout the renovation, the floor plan was altered by removing the wall that existed between the kitchen and dining room, opening everything up and allowing the two spaces to flow effortlessly together.

The original breakfast nook was updated with a custom-built bench and coordinating cushions, which Dixon says, “make better use of the sunniest space in the house.” The kitchen sink was reoriented to face the lake, turning dish- and produce-washing into placid activities.

Other thoughtful touches that make this cooking space feel tranquil? The improved functionality and storage solutions (both making life easier for the family) might top the list. Kelley explains that a storage closet previously served as a large pantry. Now, the storage lives throughout the kitchen instead. Island drawers and lower cabinets hold easily accessible dishes, pots, and pans, while an updated pantry with pullout drawers tucks in baking ingredients, pasta, and snacks. That old pantry? It now ingeniously serves as a mini mudroom containing three lockers to hold jackets, backpacks, shoes, and bags. “Andrea sat down with me during the design process to map out where every item in the kitchen would be stored,” Kelley recalls. “This made a huge difference in the way we function in the kitchen.”

After also transforming the entryway to create cohesion with the new kitchen, Kelley sings the praises of Dixon and her team at Fiddlehead Design Group, saying, “They listened to our goals, understood our vision, and thought of a unique floor plan to maximize our view of the lake. We love everything about it.”  

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