2024 Ideas to Steal: Tech + Sustainability

Technological home advancements and sustainable initiatives shape a smarter, greener future

White Paint is the Coolest—Literally

Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock/bildlove

Researchers at Purdue University have engineered the world’s whitest paint, which can reflect more than 98% of the sun’s rays that hit the earth’s surface. This record-setting ultra-white shade marks a turning point for the climate change crisis, helping to drastically decrease air temperatures when used on roofs and exterior surfaces. –Elizabeth Roubik

Instagram Inspo

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Continuing Education: Science in Design

“Beauty is something we all strive for; we seek it out,” says Mike Peterson, founder of Science in Design, a certification course centered on the convergence of science and design through neuroaesthethics. “It lowers our heart rate [and] blood pressure. The point is that beauty is an alternative health resource. When you start thinking about it that way, designers create beauty. The axiom, then, is that designers also improve health. Douglas Wood of the Center for Innovation at Mayo Clinic even said, ‘The future of medicine is in the home.’”

Through lessons led by a renowned faculty of medical doctors, neuroscientists, and more, the course’s five modules teach students how beauty, fine design, and nature support health and well-being to create spaces that nurture the mind, body, and soul. So far, more than 100 industry professionals seeking to hone their expertise have enrolled in the recently released course, including Fusion Designed’s Sheree Vincent, principal, pictured above. “A certification in science and design enables me to bring a unique blend of creative problem-solving coupled with analytical thinking [to projects],” says Vincent, who is based in Forest Lake. “This certification blends artistic creativity with scientific principles, giving me the ability to approach each project with a deeper understanding of human behavior.” –Katelyn Bloomquist

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