2024 Ideas to Steal: Building + Architecture

From cutting-edge trends in building, remodeling, and architecture to the intricate craftsmanship behind them, industry professionals ensure our homes can become personal sanctuaries

Beyond Books

Photo by Spacecrafting

“Libraries offer a quiet space to retreat for relaxation and meditation but can also be used as a small gathering space,” says Jessica Link, chief financial officer and general manager at Hartman Homes. “Homeowners can use a home library to display their book collection and showcase art pieces and other collectibles.” In fact, the comfortable, yet collected “bookshelf wealth” aesthetic is trending on social media, with homeowners leaning into a lived-in look that displays beautiful paintings, objets d’art, and of course, an enviable bevy of books. –Elizabeth Roubik

Architecture Trends of the Year

Family-Centric Design

Photo courtesy of Albertsson Hansen Architecture and Interior Design

As homeowners are prioritizing not only themselves but also their loved ones in their home designs, there are various architectural components to consider. The team at Albertsson Hansen Architecture and Interior Design says, “Often, the focus is on creating a place where adult children feel comfortable bringing their families, so we usually create a small suite with a kitchenette.” Other popular layouts for big families and frequent entertainers include compartmentalized bathrooms and private office spaces.

Holistic Building

Rendering by Blue Pencil Collective

This year, architectural trends are synthesizing three key factors: nature, connection, and technology. “Architects are prioritizing designs that nourish human connection and health by integrating biophilic design principles, specifying sustainable and green materials, and focusing on the impact of construction on the environment,” says the team at Blue Pencil Collective. From insulated windows to the incorporation of green spaces in homes, “the appeal of holistic building lies in its focus on enhancing health and well-being while also addressing the need for nurturing the world we leave behind for future generations.”

Traditional Planning

Photo by Hybrid Studio

People are seeking intimate, intentional spaces within their home, which is leading to a shift from open layouts to more traditional, separate spaces. According to the team at Unfold Architecture, “We see dining and lounge spaces becoming more defined from one another and decreasingly one large, open space. Rooms like dens, lounges, music studios, and studies are being reintroduced to the main-level living areas to reinvent some of the cozier, more intimate feelings from traditional homes.” –Elizabeth Roubik

Calling All Kids

Is your family growing in the next nine months? Do you have grandchildren on the way? Like adults, the younglings in our lives also need curated spaces to rest their heads and burn their energy. Whether it be a nursery with a Susan Harter mural amid a serene blue-green color palette (courtesy of Davis Interiors and Norton Homes) or a shared modern Scandinavian-style bedroom for two brothers (courtesy of Call It Christian), our kids’ spaces can and should be personalized, fun, and functional—all while being beautiful, too. –Katelyn Bloomquist

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