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Revision LLC

Year Built: 1991

Type of Remodel: Whole Home

This 1991 Home has endured numerous remodels and renovations over a short period of time. The floor plan was segmented, so the challenge was making a more cohesive layout that allowed for continuity. The main and second levels have been completely updated, giving the entire home a natural flow. The connectedness expands beyond just the home’s walls and to the natural and beautiful environment surrounding it. The remodeled home boasts a “current, cottage-style” aesthetic, complemented by its stylish interiors, stonework, custom millwork, and bright finishes. Vaulted ceilings in the great room allow for more light to filter in, giving the space a grander feel. Meanwhile, the kitchen has been completely reimagined to match the cottage theme. The cabinets are a big focal point, with an elegant arch shape and cupboards that resemble charming little doors. One of the main highlights of the home is, perhaps, the breathtaking view of the lake. The interior of the home is a beautiful blend of white and brown, accented with pops of gold and deep blues that mimic the lake outside. The color of the stone fireplace and hardwood floors warms up the white walls and gives every room a cozy feel.

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