Photo of Todd Simning of Kroiss Development

Kroiss Development

Kroiss Development specializes in inspiring their clients to dream limitlessly of the perfect home
Photo of Ben Richter and Chris Van Klei of Detail Homes

Detail Homes

Detail Homes strives to show their clients and communities that they can have unique, high-quality homes, no matter the size or budget
Aspect Design Build team

Aspect Design Build

Being part of the process early on allows for a personal, tailored experience with each client. We are able to continually reference our clients’ vision, and interpret the build through their eyes, not our own.
Bruce Lenzen Team Photo

Bruce Lenzen Design/Build, LLC

Our clients receive cutting-edge architectural and interior design services along with state-of-the-art construction management tools. We understand the high level of quality that needs to be delivered on each and every project.
Mike Fritz of M&M Home Contractors

M&M Home Contractors

Considerations like cost, location, and availability will play a role in your selection process, but the three most important factors in choosing a builder are communication, experience, and reputation.

Denali Custom Homes, Inc.

  Denali Custom Homes, Inc. 952-476-2679 denalicustomhomes.comWhy should someone build with you? What’s your “edge?” Denali Custom Homes is a boutique custom builder providing one-on-one guidance throughout your project. President and Founder David Bieker is there for every meeting,...

Highmark Builders

 Highmark Builders 952-882-8904 highmark-builders.comWhy should someone build with you? What’s your “edge?” The cornerstones of our company are excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, and always operating with integrity. At the core of what we provide is a team...

John Kraemer & Sons

 John Kraemer & Sons 952-935-9100  Why should someone build with you? What’s your “edge?” We’ve been in business continuously since 1978. We have never gone out of business, reorganized, or changed owners. Our job superintendents are assigned...

Mueller Homes, LLC

Mueller Homes, LLC 612-701-7914 muellerhomesllc.comWhy should someone build with you?  What’s your “edge?” With over 30 years of combined experience in the construction industry our goal is to offer a full design - build experience.  Rob’s...

Nor-Son, Inc

 Nor-Son, Inc. 800-858-1722 nor-son.comWhy should someone build with you? What’s your “edge?” Successful client experiences don’t just happen. They’re a delicate mix of design creativity, cost intelligence, and construction quality. Our edge is that we’ve set...

Vine Hill Partners

  Vine Hill Partners 952-217-4203 vinehillpartners.comWhy should someone build with you? What’s your “edge?” We offer a turnkey process, from finance to land selection, architectural design, interior design, and landscaping. With such diverse experience in different areas, in...

Ridge Creek Custom Homes

RIDGE CREEK CUSTOM HOMES 612.250.5820 ridgecreekcustomhomes.comTo what do you attribute your company’s success? Never quitting or giving up! Ridge Creek has always built a great house and made sure the customer was satisfied—but when the market crashed...